Excel People

High standards of quality and customer service

EH&R has decades of experience and a workforce of approximately 400 employees from different cultures and nationalities. During high season, this figure is much higher.
We are a stable company, based in the Canary Islands, Spain, for many years and we know how to unite traditional methods with futuristic vision.
High standards of service, quality and customer service are some of our trade identities, therefore the Human Resources Department reinforces the skills of each staff member with courses and ongoing daily training. We believe in TALENT and we support TALENT.

Join Our Team

One of EH&R’s valued assets is each of its employees.


We have an experienced workforce that provides support to each new employee and business knowledge, facilitating the integration in their new job.


Our job selection policy is based on respect, honesty, transparency and equality.


In EH&R you will find different career opportunities that will fit your profile.


All Curriculum Vitaes received are formally dealt with and we comply with the Data Protection Act.


These are the steps:

  • Receipt and assessment of Curriculum Vitaes: All Curriculum Vitaes received are carefully reviewed and training and experience will be taken into account.  Languages are very important too.
  • Interviews: If you are selected we will contact you to arrange an interview. The interviewer will be a responsible expert in the department where the vacancy is available. A personal interview is essential and your skills and abilities will be analyzed thoroughly. An interview with Human Resources and the language interview is part of the process.
  • Selection: Once the job selection process is closed, all candidates will be contacted to inform them of the status of their interview.
  • Incorporation and induction: Once you sign your work contract your induction period begins. A supervisor, someone with experience in the workplace will be by your side to facilitate your incorporation to our company.

Training and Professional Development

EH&R believes in talent. We retain talent within the company and incorporate new talent. The Human Resources Department is constantly searching for new skills. We have comprehensive training programmes. Investment in training is an investment in business.


We reinforce aptitudes and we encourage their development.


We collaborate with the most prestigious trainers at national and international level.


Campaigns such as ‘’FÓRMATE’’, ‘’SABEH&R SÍ OCUPA LUGAR’’, ‘’VENDEH&R’’, ‘’Experiencia EH&R’’, ‘’NUESTRO MEJOR DETALLE NUESTRA SONRISA’’ are examples of training programmes at all levels which enhance customer service, quality, marketing, languages, cross selling, upselling, leadership, communication, time management, empowerment. These courses are part of the annual training programme.

EH&R12. FEEL EXCEL LIVE EXCEL is our recent training programme and some of the activities include laughter therapy, outdoor activities, gastronomic visits and the visit to Teide Observatory.

People are most important and we take care of our employees. Every year we launch motivation campaigns with different kinds of activities.

EH&R is committed to the environment.  For years we have had specific training for managers and their teams, as well as an awareness of energy saving practices and reduction in plastic usage.

Occupational Health & Safety

A safe work environment is part of our day to day concerns and we ensure that our employees, suppliers and partners have a firm commitment from EH&R.


EH&R has a preventive working environment for each staff member and is supported by the Management.


Preventive policy and objectives are integrated into the organisation as well as  participation and consulting of employees through meetings, safety and emergency committees, conferences, workshops and courses.


We have annual programmes where jobs and audits are planned.


Training programmes regarding prevention and emergencies are very extensive. We train and inform our employees. In the hotels, we have defibrillators and our staff are prepared to use them if necessary.


We take prevention very seriously for which we have introduced pioneering projects such as MESI (Enhancement Preventive lntegration Systems) or the Prudencio Awards, recognition awards that encourage employees and reward them for their good preventive work.

We aim to be a healthy company. The well-being of our employees, their working conditions and healthy eating habits are all part of our culture.


Workshops like Correct Posture are very popular amongst the employees at EH&R.

Equality and Integration

We carry out policies of equality and integration, based on non-discrimination and respect to avoid discrimination.


We perform protocols to prevent any risk.


We believe in integration. We care about your abilities.


EH&R cares about each of their employees, partners and suppliers. We know how important family conciliation is.


Our vision is flexible and collaborative without losing sight of the objectives of the company.


Flexibility is a mutual commitment.

WORK WITH US We are searching for people like you: dynamic, responsible, committed, willing to be part of an ambitious project, customer oriented, enthusiastic, honest, with initiative and team spirit.